In Class Essay 3: Letter to Myself


Dear Mr. Lam Vu,

Congratulation on surviving your summer session 2015 English 1B class. This summer session has been the hardest for me because every week I have to prep and write an essay for the class. In the beginning, I was a bit concern over the amount of works I need to do in the class because this is a summer session where everything is compressed. However, the topics about California that I am studying in are very interesting. It talks about the dream, history and multicultural that related to all residents in California. Since the beginning of the first essay, I am happy that it discuss what does it mean to live in California. It make me thinks about the future and the dream that I wanted to accomplish in California. Another part about this class is that you have to write a blog. I have never written a blog before so this is a brand new experience for me. I would never think of writing a blog and restudied about California culture in a brand new view. This class have taught me plenty of new things that is related to a multicultural society and the amount of work I put in able me to understand more about my living environment. I am happy that I am able to connect this class to my daily life.

There were six essays that are graded including this one. Each have their own uniqueness but they are all related to California. Though, I did not do very well in each essay, but I feel that I am improving. My ability to identify which topics are important to include in my essay, ability to revise my essay and my writing process are all improving. Although it is still on standard for academic writing, I hope that in the future, I will be a better writer. Although writing have always been my weakest subject, I feel that my teachers put in a lot of efforts to break down information one by one to help me improve. I am grateful for the effort my English teacher teaches me because I cannot improve without them. Their helpful analysis after every essay shows me where I did wrong and where I did right. I feel that by reflecting on my paper, I can show a lot of progressing in writing an academic paper.

The assigned topics in class are very interesting. I learn about dreams are not always what people imagine it to be. California impression on foreigners are a lot different than actual residents. I do not notice that until I learn it from my readings. My favorite topics cover in this class is history and poetry. I am able to analyze Deborah Miranda’s poem, Indian Cartography and Wendy Rose’s poem Itch like Crazy California. Both taught me an important lesson that what happened in the past and the result of our founding father’s actions. There Native Americans people suffered because of the colonist’s action toward their land. But I can only study and learn about their past. I am more enriched in the Native American culture through analyzing these two poems. People should embrace another culture, they do not need to assimilate but to respect that other cultures are just as amazing as their own.

I have learn many interesting topics that I am normally not expose to. I also learn my weakness and strength in writing my papers. I hope in the future I am able to improve my writings to a new height.I want to write about new topics that I have never written before. I would like to thanks all my English teachers help for getting me this far. I know I still have a long way to go before I can be satisfied with my writing. Overall, this summer session is tough, but you are able to get through it. Good luck in the future, and keep trying to put in one hundred percent effort, and it will leave me with great satisfaction. I hope when I read this letter again, I am one step closer to my California Dream.


Yourself, Huy Lam Vu

About Me

Hi, My named is Huy Lam Vu. I was born in Penang, Malaysia and moved to San Jose, California when I was ten years old. I am currently a Vietnamese American. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Science. I want to use this degree in order to become a teacher in the future.

My reason to become a teacher because I feel very accomplished when I teach someone materials on a topic. I have practice in tutoring my friends in their studies and they really enjoy my teaching. I am encourage by them and my parents in pursuing my teaching career. I feel that I can make a difference in someone life, once I become a teacher. This is my California Dream.

My Hobby is reading. I love to read fantasy novels, but recently I really like to read light novels. I really like to bike during my free time. My favorite trail is the Coyote Creek trail which start from Tully and ends in Morgan Hill. I am also a gamer that like to play strategy games, especially turned based strategy in order to beat the opponent. I am currently playing League of Legends, Civilization 5 and many different boards game on the side like Dominion.

English 1B: Out Of Class Essay 3


The Hidden Truth

California,a place full of opportunities and dream, has allured millions of immigrants from all over the world. As a result, California became a place where many different races and cultures are mixed together. California is often seens as an example of multiculturalism, where many other countries wishes to be the same. However, Gregory Jay state in his article What is Multiculturalism, “American society is now often seen as a battleground of special-interest groups, many of them defined by the racial, ethnic, or cultural identity of their members” (90). People believe that when many different ethnic groups come together and live together, there will be little conflicts and misunderstanding and overall, will get along with each other. But, Jay states the idea of a truly multicultural American society is based on false assumption of many different cultures. People of different culture living together have a hard time identifying which are the dominant culture in California. In addition, by analyzing three different genres — the film, Crash; the novel, American Son; and the play, Bordertown— people can understand that racism is predominant in a multicultural California through the view of many characters with different backgrounds.

In the film Crash directed by Paul Haggis, it shows the difficulties of people of different ethnic groups are facing with racism in their daily lives. The movie started out with a car crash signified that a collision, regardless of the intensity, could affect everyone and lead to a series of insult to each other. Detective Graham Water remarks, “Any real city, you walk, you’re bumped, brush past people. In LA, no one touches you. We’re always behind metal and glass. Think we miss that touch so much, we crash into each other just to feel something.” The metal and glass represents cars that people depend on everyday. Car is also represent private lives that each person to their own. But when there is a car crash- representing two different private lives are forced to interact with one another- it creates a friction between the two people. The two ethnic groups, Latino and Asian woman, decide to insult each other cultures because of the accident. Many individuals take pride in their cultures and beliefs, but when they are insulted by someone else toward their cultures, they will not back down.

Later in the movie Crash, Haggis shows the lives of characters as they live in a multicultural city, Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, people with different ethnic groups are constantly collide with one another. Their lives intertwine and create misconceptions between each other. People are used to judging other people based on their appearances and create many different kind of stereotypes. For example, an asian person is good at math and poor at driving; black people are criminals because most of them smuggle or sell drugs to the public; Jews are good at handling money and they are rich etc.. Although some of these stereotypes are true, it does not represent the entire ethnic groups. In the Crash, a Persian family owned a locksmith store, Farhad and his daughter, Dorri, was misjudged by a gun owner when they are in a gun store. The gun owner degraded them and called Farhad, “Osama” because he speaks Persian. Then afterward, Farhad as mistaken by a prison tattoo Mexican American Daniel, when Daniel is trying to communicate with him because of a lock problem. Because Farhad have difficulty of learning and speaking English, Farhad thought Daniel is accusing him of cheating so he refuses Daniel’s demand. So this lead to Daniel wrecking and graffiti the store in the middle of the night. Farhad then vowed to kill Daniel and this misconception brings trouble for both side.

Stereotypes tends to give people the wrong impressions of one another and it lead can even lead to racism. Stereotyping is unhealthy and it lead to most characters in Crash to judge other negatively and wrongly. In the movie Crash, a white LAPD officer stop a vehicle seeing that the passenger is giving the driver a fellatio during a moving vehicle. Earlier in the movie, the white officer was giving a detailed description that there is a gang member on the street carjacking a car, so he stop the couple despite potential mistake given by the detailed description. The couple are African American descent and the white officer immediately suspect them of being a part of a gang. So they give them a “pat-down” in which they search for potential gun or knife on their body. During the “pat-down” another white officer violate the female during the search. The two African Americans couple cannot do anything during the search. After in which they are presumed “clean,” the white officers release them without a citation. This lead to the black female to return home angry while her husband do not do anything. The husband retaliate by saying “this is the correct action” thus making the black female further enrage. This scene prove that a person’s skin color can be assumed to be a part of an gang organization by another person without even trying to understand them. At the same time, the white officer expressed his power by violating the African American female without her have any power to fight back. This “pat-down” is created by stereotyping a person and creating a racist action. The white officer view the black couple negatively and treated them with “appropriate” action.  While the black couple have to endure the negative treatment. The effect of stereotyping lead to unhealthy and lead to many judging other wrongly.

In addition, in the play Bordertown, Culture Clash gives their view on the reality of stereotyping across all different type of ethnic groups. The cultural discrimination and hatred among different countries throughout all the characters on stage as a representation of conflicts of culture because of multiculturalism. For example, a white La Jolla woman stated that “When I first moved to La Jolla, they wouldn’t allow Jews to live here in La Jolla or in Rancho Santa Fe. Isn’t that awful?” which shocked the audience the degree of discrimination toward a certain ethnic group to even denied their rights on occupying a piece of land. This statement explains a darker aspect of multiculturalism to a state where minor ethnic groups are denied of their basic rights in which the law stated to protect them. John Locke’s famous quote, “All mankind.. being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty or possessions” as a law that is incorporated into America that provide freedom for all of it’s citizen. However, due to stereotypes and unhealthy culture discrimination, this law is being suppressed and ignored. During the first inspection show that people are prejudice against another ethnic group or “race”  appears in the conflict between Mexican and militia man. The Mexican are American citizen that are doing their merry business when they are stopped by the militia man — who does not work for border patrol– who assumed them to be illegal immigrants with drugs. He do not give the Mexican the basic rights and insult them with, “I said, shut the fuck up! Just pipe down, goddammit” and “Gonna wait for the Border Patrol to pick these boys up. Possible drug runners, over.” The militia man have a firm belief that stereotyping Mexicans to be potential drug dealers who illegally cross into America with dangerous weapon. He even assumed that everything they carried are stolen goods. This further lead to the act of him treated the Mexicans like dirt because of their appearances. Then, when the Mexicans show their proofs of identity, the militia man let them go but he stills harbor intense stereotyping feelings toward them. This is portraying the harsh reality between one race and another race as the social and racial tensions and harboring negative stereotypes.

In a different perspective, Bordertown, second inspection gives a different view from the first inspection because the role is reverse. The travellers are two white Americans crossing the border and they are stop by a Mexican militia man. The Mexican militia man stop them and apprehend them but the moment he sees their proof he let them go like the first inspection. However, he do not suspect them of carrying drugs and do not report to border patrols. This goes along with the assumption that people make by the look of their skin color. Culture Class is trying to portray the similarities between the two inspections by showing their similar actions. This prove that regardless of race, both side of cultures will show discrimination and racism toward each other.

In a similar setting, Brian Ascalon Roley’s novel American Son depicts the harsh reality of living in a multicultural city, Los Angeles. American Son portrays an experiences of two half white and half Filipino brothers, Tomas and Gabe, and the relationship to their mother, Ika. Their family just recently moved to Los Angeles and Roley’s describe the family struggle to assimilate into American culture instead of expressing their culture because of the intense discrimination toward Filipino culture. Because of the fear of discrimination, Tomas, older brother, decides to protect the family by becoming a gangster. Tomas shaved his head, tans his skin, wear a beater t-shirt and smoke pots. He describe himself to be fearless in protecting his family by acting as a Mexican gangster.Tomas fight against the struggle and discrimination by stealing goods and gives them to his mother as gifts. At the same time, he owned business by raising attack dogs with German names and sell them to Hollywood. Tomas lead a life of violent because this is his method of assimilating to the American culture and his method to survive in this multicultural city.

However, Tomas’ little brother is different from him. Gabe, who Roley describe as weak and timid, is afraid in living in this multicultural city. Gabe is ashamed of his Filipino heritage and culture. He is embarrassed of his mother who he described to be “self-conscious about her English.” After being beat up by his brother, Tomas, he decided to run away from everything in Los Angeles and his identity as being white and asian. Gabe’s fear of racial discrimination reaches deep inside his mind where he bump into a white woman and surprise by no aggressive action from her, “Lifting my glance, I am surprised to see no hostility in her frosty blue eyes, only that she and her boyfriend seem curious, though her attention lasts only a few seconds before she rushes after her friend to tell her something.” Afterward, Gabe experience social discomfort when a truck driver stated as he demeaning several ethnic groups, “But it isn’t near as bad as San Pedro. Cambodians, Vietnamese, Laotians,” he continues “All those mute Asians won’t even learn to speak English” (84). Gabe is shocked because the truck driver do not treat him as an Asian person and he is happy that he finally find a place to be accepted. He overcame his fear and follow his brother as his way of assimilating into this culture. American Son is a story about fail assimilation of differeth ethnic group into a multicultural society. They struggle with their own heritage and culture and decide to falsely accepted a new culture that is full of violence, racism and full of ambiguity. Tomas and Gabe become a reflection of Los Angeles culture of misconception of different culture groups and harboring negative views toward other ethnic groups. There is plenty of confusion and misunderstanding toward many ethnic groups in a multicultural society.

In conclusion, the three different type of genre portray the dominant racism in a multicultural society in California. Although California claim to be diverse, where social and racial tension to be at a minimum, but in reality it is actually full of discrimination and negative stereotypes. Living in a multicultural society is very different from people’s perspective of peaceful coexistence, it is actually the complete opposite. The film, Crash; the play, Bordertown; the book, American Son, are all depict what true multiculturalism in America. People judge other to be aggressive and arrogant because they believe one race, or ethnic group, is better than the other; the fear of racial discrimination causes people to change and act differently; the negative stereotype that judges people from their skin color are all negative aspect in a multicultural society in California. If people can change their view slowly and accept another culture and more people are proud of their own culture, there can be a great change in living in a multicultural society.

English 1B: Out Of Class Essay 2


What Hidden Below

The song I have chosen is “Hotel California” by The Eagles. “Hotel California” is a ballad that described the speaker as he stayed at Hotel California for a night after his long weary journey. A mysterious woman greeted him and bring him inside. As they walked down a corridor, there were mysterious voices that welcomed the speaker and praised the place. At the same time, he learned that the woman is rich and fun, and her friends are beautiful. However, once he ordered wine, the Wine Captain is impressed about the author enthusiasm. Then, the mysterious voice praised the place and included that he might need an alibis here. Afterward, the mysterious woman brought him wine and said“we are all prisoner here of our own device.” At the same time, in the master chamber, people are gathered for the feast, but when they stab the “beast”,  it won’t die. This spooked the speaker and then he realized he made a mistake and ran for the exit. However, the night man said that they receive but people cannot leave. This song provides a strong message that many come to California for a dream but realize that it is anything but good. California is a place where many people will fail in their dream, but only a few people can make their dream a reality.

California is a place where many believe to be filled with opportunities and dreams. However, many dreamers will fail in their conquest for their California dream. James J. Rawls, author of California: A Place, A people, A dream, states “the dream is simply a vision of the good life”. This states that people who come to California are filled with dreams and high expectations. Those dreams promise our deepest desire for opportunity and success is founded in California. Unfortunately, it is called a dream because it is just an imagination in our mind. When people who live outside of California decides to make their dream come true, they are filled with hope. They believe California is a place where their dream will come true and this place is where they will rise and be successful. However, when people come to California, they will be disappointed because their dream will not come true. It is just like when a person sleep, they dream about their successes, but once they wake up, they will notice that it is just a dream and it will not come true.

California is a place where dreams are alluring to the people. People are entice to come here. The lyric in the song,“Welcome to Hotel California/ such a lovely place, such a lovely face,” as one of the greatest place on Earth. The song note that even the people are lovely, “Her mind is Tiffany twisted/ She’s got her Mercedes Benz/ She got a lot of pretty, pretty boys.” When they have fun, all the do is dance. “How they dance in the courtyard/ some dance to remember/ some dance to forget.” The lyric give an image that California is the perfect place to be, there are beautiful girls and fun activities. However, the women states that “we are all prisoner here of our own device” gives the feeling that their dream do not come true. Everyone want success in California, but California becomes a place where there is no hope. They will become “prisoners” at their own will once they reach their destination. Dreams do not come true.

In addition, California is a battlefield. It is a place where many people gathered fighting over the same opportunities in order for success. The Eagles state, “In the master’s chambers they’re gathered for the feast. They stab it with their steely knives but they just can’t kill the beast”. This is a representation that people are gather here because they believe in their success can be achieve here. The “master’s chamber” represent California and “they’re” are themselves. The next statement tells that they are fighting against other people using their own skill, “knifes,” but do not have much success, “can’t kill the beast.” Throughout history, there are always battles. Whether it’s a battle for lands, money, girls, or even cars, there will always be losers and winners. The losers are those who failed at achieving their dreams, while the winners are the one that made their dream come true. At the same time, when the goal for the dream is high, the people have to fight in order to achieve success. That means there will be more and more losers, while there is only a small percentage of winner. That why it is hard for dream to be fulfilled in California.

However, there are people who made success in California. The Eagles for an example. The Eagles is a band that is created by four young boys coming to California with the dream of becoming rock stars. Each from their own origin in America, comes together and created the Eagles. In five years, they are able to create one of the greatest album in California, Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975) and Hotel California. They are able to get six Grammy Awards, five American Music Awards, and six number one albums. There are not many people who are able to create the same success like them. They are an example of people who are living the California Dream.

At the end, there are many people who are still coming to California with their dreams. And it will continue to exist because it does not seems to disappear. There will be many that will fail in their approach in order to make their dream come true. And there will be people who are able to make their dream their reality. There will be many that will falls off their path and there will be people who do not. California is simply a place where only a few can be successful. But in life, there will be still people who keep coming to California because they want to make their dream come true.

English 1B: In Class Essay 2


Fallacies 101

America believes itself to be on the path for multi-culturalism. It is willing to accept all form of ethnic groups and let them be a part of America multi-culturalism. One ways for this to work is to accept immigrants from different parts of the world. In order to promote immigration, America stated that their country is a land full of opportunities. It is the land where dreams can come true. This allow many immigrants wanting to move out of their country and into America in search of completing their dream. This immigration movement is one of the many reasons that allow America to grow into a super power country today. However, because of the recent low education scores, Yeh Ling Ling writes State Needs a “Time-Out” from Mass Immigration. In this article, Ling Ling blames immigrants that are overcrowding school and education is taking money out of California budget. This causes parts of the state to be underdeveloped and causes increase in poverty in the state of California. Her conclusion is that it is necessary to halt mass immigration because it will causes harm to California. However, Ling Ling argument is insufficient in blaming immigrants for increasing poverty, because she used hasty generalization, post- hoc and missing the point fallacies in her article.

Ling Ling begins to convince the readers by citing a poll conducted by the Public Policy Institute of California. The poll quote, “[e]ducation, jobs and the economy, electricity, and the state budget ranks as the top four concerns for California voters” (94). Then she state that can any state leaders effectively address those concerns without simultaneously advocating a “time-out” from mass immigration” (94). This means that in order to solve the top four concerns of California, Ling Ling promotes that there need to be a “time-out” from mass immigration. This reason is an example of “post hoc” fallacy being used by Ling Ling. Ling Ling does not give a reason why is the relationship between immigrants causes the four top concerns of California. Ling Ling is effectively blaming immigrants for all of California’s problems without explaining why or how. In addition, she does not mention the people who votes for the poll. These voters can be immigrants themselves who are worried about these topics. They care about California and wish to find solutions for these problems. They moved to California and wish to help California to get through this crisis. Ling Ling’s reasons in placing the blame on these immigrants are unfair.

Then Ling Ling targets immigrants students that are doing poorly in their education. Ling Ling says, “Sadly, California’s 2000 education achievement ranked near the bottom in the nation in math, although the state’s overall budget for education, $49billion in 2000-2001, far exceeds that of the other states” (94). In California, it is famed for it high capability in math and science. In California, there are many university, states, and private schools that are part of the top 100 colleges in the country. With all these top colleges that produced outstanding college graduates that excel in math and science, and they are parts of the teams that produce new innovations in technology. And many of the college graduates are immigrants who comes to California to study. There is the famous Silicon Valley in California that have famous companies that deal with technology like Google, Apple, and Facebook. One of the founder of Facebook, Eduardo Saverin is an immigrant from Brazil. He calculates the net worth of Facebook to be a billion dollar and decide to invest in it. An immigrant like Eduardo Saverin uses math to pave his success, so how can all immigrants be poor in math. With all these achievements, how can there be a low academic achievements in California. I am convinced that the data Ling Ling obtained is wrong and misinformed. This is an example of “missing the point” fallacy in her article.

Afterward, Ling Ling starts to blame the teachers for the low academic achievements. She expresses that many of the immigrants student don’t even understand English and they are not learning anything in class. She also expresses the problem that teachers are also at fault.  “Many of our schools are struggling to cope with exploding immigration-related enrollment. Many teachers without proper credentials have been hired to deal with English deficient kids”(94). By stating this, Ling Ling wants to explain the problem that immigrants are unintelligent and make things more difficult for our economy. This causes the state to place more budget in education but there are no good results from it. Schools are wasting money and teachers that do not have credentials to teach these students. This makes me disagree with her because she is using “hasty generalization” fallacy. Immigrants are student from outside of the country and they speak another language, so it is harder for them to learn English. But the key point is that they try hard to study English because America will be their home. Another thing is that teachers having a teacher credential, does not mean that the teacher is a good teacher. There are both good and bad teachers that have credentials and they should not be entirely blamed for the students poor academic. Ling Ling is false in placing the blame in immigrants students and the teachers.

Ling Ling addresses that the high increase in immigration need to be put on hold because it is hurting our economy is false. She gives many points and points out the problems, but it does not bring conclusions that are correct or helpful. Immigrants are not one hundred percent at fault. Immigrants can perform well in schools and the teachers are not the problem in our declining economy. Ling Ling only focuses on the negative aspect of immigration thus lead to all the accusation. But these accusations are false, even though Ling Ling tried to use fallacy to covered up her arguments. The fallacies are post hoc, hasty generalization, and missing the point.

English 1B: Out Of Class Essay 1


The Voice of the Weak

History is important. History tells people their background and where do they come from. History tells people about the origin of their birthplace. History tells people about past events that are significant because these events laid the background for their present livelihood. People believe in their history and trust in it. However, history has always been biased and distorted. It is biased and distorted because history is written by conquerors. Conquerors are people who attack another area or land and take control over it. Then all the people who are currently living in that area or land are killed, enslaved or forced to flee from their home. Afterward, the conquerors write their own heroic deeds and pass it down for generations and it become a historical event. However, for the conquered their own history is forever loss and only remember in their mind. Deborah Miranda’s poem, Indian Cartography and Wendy Rose’s poem, Itch like Crazy: Resistance, describe their view of history from the view of the conquered.

Native Americans are the people who have their history destroy by the white men. In Deborah Miranda’s poem, she talks about the history of the original Native American living in California. Miranda uses a variety of language and imagery to describe how does her father see the current California compare to his past memories. She uses concrete imagery to describe her father old living area. “A small blue spot marks/ Lake Cachuma, created when they/ dammed the Santa Ynez, flooded/ a Valley, divided my father’s boyhood,” this concrete imagery can tell the reader of the history of what happened to Miranda’s father’s native village. This tell readers that Miranda’s father is one of the many Native Americans living on Santa Ynez river. However, the place they used to lived is no longer the same because of the government who decided to “dammed” the Santa Ynez river. This action causes the lives of many Native American to move out of their living place for generations. They have no rights to refuse because they do not have any convincing power to convince the white leaders. “The government paid those Indians to move away,/ he says; I don’t know where they went.”  Miranda state that even her father or the government know where they move afterward. Not a lot of people can survive when they are driven away from their home, but the government still throw them out.

The Native Americans live in a peaceful life before the government came. It is an era of prosperity and happiness. The article The Impact of the Bonneville Dam on Native American Culture describes the impact of dam on the Native American population. Before the dam, the Native American tribes rely on the salmon population in the river all year for food. In spring and summer, the Native Americans rely on roots and berries to supplement their diets. Salmon is a large part of the tribes living along the river. They use it to trade for goods, sustain their bodies and economic needs. Salmon is a part of the Native American’s culture and spiritual welfare. Every year the salmon leaves the river, but  the salmon always returns to the river. Salmon  represents the cycle of life for the Native American. The white colonists do not know about the history Native American tradition. They see them wandering around the river and treat them as “nomads” who do not have a permanent place to live. That why it is alright for them to drive the Native American away, but that was an act of ignorant. Miranda’s father state that Santa Ynez river is his “places he was happy” but now it “divided his boyhood.” His place is no longer a river, but the land now flooded and renamed as “lake Cachuma.”

The salmon population have a deep history in California rivers and the native American tribes. The Native American treat salmon as their cycle of life because of salmon unique characteristic. Salmon is a freshwater and saltwater animal. A young salmon start out their life in a freshwater river. When they hatch from their egg, the young salmon immediate flow downstream until they reach the ocean and live until they are adult. When they are ready to reproduce, they always return to the same river where they were born and lay their egg. Afterward, the adult salmon die after laying their egg. This is the salmon life cycle. However, the government do not respect the salmon population and build a dam in the river where they used to lived. The salmon population who returns to lay egg for the next generation are meet with an obstacle– the dam. They have no abilities to jump across the dam and return to their birthplace. They can only lay egg in the place where they lived before but now they can’t. Miranda state “Swollen bellies of salmon coming back/ to a river that wasn’t there.” Salmon actually dies underneath the dam because they cannot cross over it. If salmon cannot cross the dam, they refuse to lay egg and will die with knowing they fail to reproduce. This causes the salmon population to decrease until salmon are no longer live and reproduce in that river. The history of why the state of California have so few wild salmon population because of the construction of dam.

The Native Americans are a proud ethnic group. However, it all change when the colonists decided to conquer them. Wendy Rose Itch like Crazy: Resistance describes how does a descendant of the Native California Indian feels about the colonists. Rose uses imagery to show the hidden anger and frustration because of the injustice cause by the colonists. Columbus as a representation of the colonists who enslave the Native Americans on the order of the “Crown.” “The voices beyond my office door/speak of surveys and destruction,/selling the natives/to live among strangers,” describe the injustice toward the Native Americans. Their home was invaded by strangers. They destroy the land that they use to live in their search for gold. Then they capture and sell the Native Americans as slaves. The Native American cannot do anything because they are “the helplessness of the primal song.” The unspeakable horror that the Native American have to deal with because of the colonists. Even in their destruction, they cannot help or retaliate. “Ghosts so old/ they weep for release,/ have haunted too long/ the burrs and ticks/ that climb, burrow and stickm” describes how long the Native American have suffer from the hand of the colonists. The anger and frustration that are felt by the Native American are being portray in Rose’s poem.

In addition, the second half of Rose poems speak about the goal of retaliation from the future generation of Native Americans. Because the colonists have forcefully taken the “land” away from them, the Native American yearn for freedom and want to fight against the colonists. They want places like “Sand Creek, Wounded Knee, Piedras,/ My Lai, Acteal, Hispaniola, Massachusetts Bay Colony,” as a battlefield to regain the land. “Now I dance the mission revolts again,/ let the ambush blossom in my heart,/ claim my victory with their own language, /know the strength of spine tied to spine,” describes the future actions of the descendants of the Native American. They are no longer the peaceful tribes that are full of “newborns or helplessness,” they can fight back for their freedom. The death of many Native American before them serves as fuel for the ambition against the colonists. “Our death and our rising” as Rose describes the feeling of the Native Americans. They are going to fight by “Must lure the soldiers/ into trap after trap, must remember/ every bit of this.” They will use every cunning methods to overthrow the evil colonists, so they they will remember their deeds. They will remember that they cannot mess with the Native Americans and expect them to lie low without fighting back.

In both poem, Rose and Miranda talk about the Native American. They talk about what happen to the land that the Native American once lived but they are no longer living there. In Miranda’s poem, the father open the map of California and describes a variety of places. These places are once where the Native Americans used to lived. These places that consider to be “Places he was happy” but they are meet with “tragedy.” They moved away and no longer there. They can only remember that there used to be “shadows of the people” in their old living place. In Rose’s poetry, Native Americans are sold as slaves and move far away from their home. They are no longer living in their original home but living in a place that are “strange” to them. These two poem speak that the Native American’s current home is no longer considered as home. The land that they used to live are taken away from them. Readers can see the historical impact of the colonists toward the Native Americans.

In conclusions, there are a many facts that are given through Rose’s and Miranda’s poem. The facts that the Native Americans were forced out of their home. The culture of the Native Americans are salmons, roots and berries. The religious belief in salmon as their circle of life. The wild salmon population decline due to construction of dam. The rage and frustration feelings of the Native Americans by the colonists. These are all facts that people do not know because they are part of the conqueror groups. These two poems teach the readers about the view of the Native Americans.

English 1B: In Class Essay 1


The Real California

California is a place full of opportunities and hopes. The California dream is what we would consider “is simply a vision of a good life” (Rawls 22). California is a place that has “evoked vivid images in the mind of Americans” (Spooner 22). It is full of sunshine, beaches, oranges, Hollywood — the pursuit of life is defined by these images in many Americans. However, dreams are simply just dreams. In The Day of the Locust, Nathanael West described his experiences in Hollywood, California is different from the dreams. Dreams are the driving passing of most people but it is not true in reality.

The people living in America do not have passion in their eyes. As Tod Hackett was on his way back to home, he saw people wearing “somber and badly cut clothing.” They loitered on the corners of a store and stared at everyone that passed with hatred. This is unusual because normally when people describe the California Dream, there is no such thing as hatred in a person’s eye. Their eye is suppose to be full of passion because dream can be achieve in California. This is completely opposite of what is described in the dream. The reality is that these people do not have passion in their eye and they do not want to achieve their dream. What in their eye is that hatred in people who potentially achieve theirs. They look at people moving “rapidly darting into stores and cocktail bars” as envy for their success. The reality is very different from the dream.

Another idea that illuminates that dreams are different from reality is the architecture. In the California Dream, people imagined it to be a place of exceptional beauty. They would be living in “single-family house, located on a large lots, surrounded by landscape lawns and isolated from business activities” (Spooner 23). However, according to West, the house in Pinyon Canyon were all “plaster, lath and paper” with “violet, piping Neon tube.” The house are considered to be as “comic” to him but he did not laugh toward their architecture. This is to show that the houses are considered as a beauty but it did not reflect in reality. The structure is a mess. It looked like people are attempting to make it look like their description of the California dream. West described those people as “eager and guideless” because they do not see the reality. The reality is that not dream is not being able to succeed because their attempt is simply “comic.”

In addition, people imagination of living along the beaches of California and meeting girls are not true. The California Dream of a “young teenager meeting tanned, blond girls at the beaches, water, sand and full of festivity” (Spooner 24). Unfortunately, West did not describe any of the detail relating to the beach during his three months stay in Hollywood. He described himself as staying in the office doing work until quitting time. Afterward, he walks home while watching different type of people loitering around the street and different type of architecture on his way home. There are no descriptions of the beach and tanned, blonde girls because they do not exist in his current living place. The imaginations of California do not reflect in West’s current living space.

In conclusion, West’s essay redefine that the California Dream is simply a dream. People are not full of passion and willingness to achieve success. They rather look at other people with hatred because it is better to envy than to try. The architecture of the living environment in California are not filled with large lots and beautiful landscape, but rather at people “comic” attempts to make it look amazing. There are many unreal descriptions of what California suppose to be. One is the beaches and the girls of California do not exist in Hollywood. West illuminate the fact that California Dream is simply a dream. It will not be able to achieve but people can still imagine it and keep it in their heart.